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Author Topic: moronic people  (Read 2453 times)


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moronic people
« on: March 07, 2013, 07:23:32 AM »
I thought it would be good to post how stupid/moronic people can be, personal experiences of people that we know.
so here is what my coworker has done;

as you already know, TSA allowed those small packet knifes to be carried back on onto the board of aircrafts.
well, my black-messiah worshiping coworker wrote a letter to TSA protesting their decision. 
in her letter she cited her concern that some terrorist can again attack the passengers and basically do the same kind of terror attack as it was done in 2001.

I asked her if she really believes that official story of Arab terrorists and box cutters and she  said yes. of course.

OK, fair enough, she believes that Obama is the savior (her version of Jesus since she does not believe in anything but democratic party) but to be that stupid to protest about being allowed frigging pocket knife on airplane and to proudly proclaim that she wrote a letter of protest to TSA?
I think that this qualifies as moronic.

I am sure you people may have a similar story to share.